Our Approach…

Our belief is that you are the most educated expert when it comes to your child.  We only take cases where we support and believe in the family’s goals for the student.  We do not see ourselves as more people to override your beliefs and tell you what your child wants and needs.

We define our roles as advocates as someone helping you to attain what you know to be in the best interest for your child.  The goal is to educate and empower parents so that they have the knowledge, tools, and skills to provide the lifetime of support our kids need.

Our approach is to provide parents an understanding of the special education process and provide support so that you can be part of a team where your voice is heard and valued.   While we will be by your side for a period of time, we believe it’s imperative that you learn how to advocate effectively for your loved one.


Our Location

We are currently offering all virtual services.