IEP Development & Writing a Parent Vision Statement

We will review current IEP goals, accommodations, and services to help ensure all areas of need are addressed in a measurable and effective manner.  We explain the elements of the plan so you have a better understanding of the purpose and can monitor to ensure meaningful progress is being made by your child.

We will also help you to write a clear vision statement for what you see as your child’s future and ensure the IEP is written with those goals as the focus.

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Service Area

We are currently offering all virtual services withing the state of Massachusetts. We provide as needed in person educational advocacy services throughout the Metro West and Worcester area.

Our Purpose Is To…

Help a family to understand the special education process

Help parents carefully read their child’s school records, assessments, and information

Help document and organize materials / write letters to the school

Help prepare for an IEP meeting and understand which assessments to request

Help write an appropriate vision statement

Help present the parent concerns and agenda

Help parents to seek specific services or programs for their child

Help teach parent’s how to become a more effective advocate for their child

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Attend Meetings

We can accompany you to any school meeting; including eligibility meetings, annual reviews, and progress meetings.  We provide consultation before and after the meeting to best strategize to ensure your voice is heard.